How VIP are you? Know how many cool people follow you

Today having thousands of followers is vital. If you recognize sentences like 1/5, @NiallOfficial followed me!, or the people in the images below, you know what I mean.

For a developer or a designer, being followed by as many cool people as possible is crucial for the career; it's a sign of recognition. Thanks to this service, you can now easily verify how many gurus follow you. Expand your collection and you'll be able to say I'm a friend of the VIP!

An example of the result you'll get is shown below:

My list is currently very low, but heck I'm working on that!

Now is your turn! Click the button and I'll distinguish the cool people following you from... well, the others.

Note: Due to the Twitter API limits, this service is only able to lookup to your most recent followers, up to 75000. If this is a problem for you, you're probably @paul_irish.